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Have you got some personal fashion hates? Is there an item of clothing that you would never be seen dead in? Or are you totally turned off if you see someone in something? I have a few personal fashion hates, things that I simply cannot abide.

Male Faux Pas!

If ever I see a man in the following, its a definite turn off for me, it is very easy for men to get it right so there is no excuse for the following items to be in yours or your husbands wardrobes.

Football Shirts

Now obviously I have no objection to football shirts if you are actually a footballer (especially if you look like Beckham in his) and I can even tolerate them if you are going to watch a match, but football shirts as regular clothing?? Why? Polyester is never a flattering look people, especially when coupled with a beer belly and ill fitting jeans!

Cropped Trousers

These trousers never seem to look good on anyone, but when coupled with black socks and white trainers? Honestly I have seen them worn like that (hey just put a footie shirt on top and your ready to roll!).

Patterned Trousers

Ok, these obviously say that a man is wacky and crazy and thats a good thing isn’t it??? Ummm no! Crazy patterned trousers that fit you like pajamas are not attractive, ok you may have a bit of a wild and wacky side, but seriously these trousers are so unflattering in shape and style, so find another way to express your individuality?

Female Faux Pas!

To be perfectly honest most of my female fashion no no’s are footwear related (I mean what else would you expect from me?!) which I will come on to shortly, there are a couple of fashion items that I would never be seen dead in though.

Leopard Print

I actually don’t mind leopard print on shoes, but on clothing, I hate it. I think its really unflattering even on the skinniest of figures and no matter how expensive the garment, it always ends up looking cheap. These trousers are actually Dolce and Gabbana!


Naturally I understand that sportswear needs to be worn when undertaking exercise, but velour tracksuits as regular outerwear? They are so unflattering!


Man I hate these shoes! I know they are worn by gorgeous people like Agnes Deyn and Alexa Chung and they kind of get away with it, but I can’t ever help thinking how much better they would look if they’d swapped the ugly, flat, masculine brogues for something a little sexier!

But my biggest pet hate??? The crime against all fashion crimes for me??


Oh how badly do I HATE Crocs???

This goes for men, women and children, I absolutely hate them! They are by far the ugliest footwear that I have ever seen. What I can’t get my head around is that in a world full of beautiful shoes, why oh why would put these disgusting things on your feet instead?

So, that’s my own list of personal fashion hates, what’s on yours?