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So many women seem to have the same intense feelings about shoes that I do. I don’t just like them, I LOVE them. I will never own enough pairs of shoes and will never get bored of looking at them. So why do shoes provide such strong emotions in us?

They look good even if you’re on a fat day.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve gained a few pounds, your shoes will still look good on you, plus if you throw on a pair of heels, they’re guaranteed to make you look instantly slimmer.

They make you feel powerful and confident.

Put on a pair of stilettos and no matter what your original height, you instantly feel more powerful. This isn’t just psychological, it is also biological. We’re animals, and like other animals, we are programmed to associate height with power.

They can make a simple black dress, that you’ve worn loads of times, seem extra special.

I always say that if I had a wardrobe full of black dresses, I wouldn’t mind as I know my shoes can make the same black dress look and feel totally different.

You don’t have to strip off in harsh fluorescent changing rooms to try them on.

Eurgh! How many people love trying on loads of clothes in store changing rooms? Mirrors and harsh lighting everywhere that shows lumps, bumps and imperfections that you never knew existed. However, go to a shoe shop and you can try on a hundred pairs without feeling fat, frumpy or demotivated!

There is such a huge variety.

Stiletto’s, wedges, straps, platforms, colours, flats, bows …. The variety is endless and therefore never dull!

They make your legs look like you’ve spent hours on the cross trainer.

Any heels over 3 inches will give so much more shape to your legs. Your calves and ankles will look firmer and more shapely. Add a fake tan and it will look like you’ve hired your own personal trainer!

It’s like buying a work of art that you can take with you.

So many of my shoes are truly beautiful that even when they are not on my feet, I can appreciate them as a work of art. Being able to wear that work of art and show others is such a wonderful feeling.

It’s an opportunity to express your personality even if you have to wear a boring grey suit to work.

No matter how dull an outfit, unless you need practical shoes for work, you can always liven it up with some great shoes. If you have to work in a dull grey suit, put on a pair or red patent stilettos and you will feel amazing.

They make you feel sexy.

Who can argue with that? Whether they are 5 inch stilettos, strappy sandals, bright red patents …. They will always make you feel sexy and apparently this isn’t just down to the style or colour; “When a woman wears them, she assumes a primal mating pose called lordosis,” says Helen Fisher PhD (Rutgers University). “Her butt lifts, and her back arches.” Scientific proof that shoes make you feel sexy!

What do you think?