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Since we were little girls I bet most of us used to love sneaking in to our mums wardrobes and trying on some of her ‘best’ shoes. I remember my mum having a midnight blue velvet pair of peep toe shoes and I used to stare at them in wonderment. I realised that these were hardly ever worn as they were so special and I thought it was such a shame.

As I got older and grew to a rather tall 5 foot 10, I thought I could not wear such high heels and lusted after them from afar. However, as I grew more confident I decided to be proud of my height and if wearing beautiful shoes made me over 6 foot, so what?

I started to buy heels at around 3inches and as I became even more confident and less self conscious, I stopped worrying about the heel height at all, because I realised as soon as I slipped on a pair of gorgeous heels, I felt self-assured and feminine, no matter how tall they made me.

Since then, I have built up quite a collection of shoes, everything from dainty strappy glittery sandals, to gothic shoes with 6 inch spike heels. My one pledge to myself is, if they make me feel good, then I wear them. I won’t keep shoes for ‘best’ I simply decide what shoes to wear depending on my mood on the day.

I am constantly surprised at the powerful effect a gorgeous pair of shoes can have on a woman, they can transform a really plain outfit into something exceptional and give women the inner strength and confidence to strut their stuff with style, passion and personality.

My advice …. Don’t ever keep anything for ‘best’. If it makes you feel good, wear it and wear it with confidence!