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I love quirky and interestingly designed shoes but I have to admit that some of the shoes I come across are just plain weird. This week I saw the worlds scariest shoes which completely freaked me out.

1. The Worlds Scariest shoes

2.  Mop Shoes

3. Ugly Feet Shoes

weird shoes

4. Spider Shoes

Just creepy!!!!

5. Game Boy Shoes

Gamer shoe

6. Shredder Shoes

Weird Shoes Designs (6)

7. Horses Hooves

Weird shoes designs

8. Duck Feet Shoes

Weird shoes  http://smilepanic.com/25-creative-and-weird-shoe-designs

9. Shopping Basket Shoes

Bags turned to shoes?!?

10. Roller Coaster Shoes

Roller coaster inspired shoes... I see that there are a lot of really weird shoes by this designer, but never any pictures of people actually WEARING the shoes...

Which ones do you think would catch on? Would you wear any of them?