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I recently came across a fabulous picture on Pinterest which shows the variety of shoe styles that are available.

I love this as it illustrates so beautifully the wonderful shapes and cuts of styles available to us. Whenever I talk to people about my passion for shoes, I am often told that ‘I am not into shoes because I can’t wear / walk in heels’.

Whilst I agree that many of the gorgeous designer shoes are often shown with 6 inch heels, this illustration hopefully shows that to be ‘into shoes’ you do not need to wear skyscrapers on your feet.

A kitten heel, a low wedge, a pump, a chunky heel or even a low heel slingback can all look incredibly stylish and elegant.

So, in an attempt to convert heel haters to being able to love their shoes, I urge you to look past the ones you know you will never be able to walk in and instead open your eyes to the wide variety that is available. There really is something for everyone.

Here are a few I selected from Macoo which will look fabulous but wont make you feel like you are teetering!