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Here in the UK we have had some snow, whilst I appreciate our friends in places like Canada or Sweden will think this is no big deal, any of you from the UK will know it is a major deal!

When the UK has a bit of snow, or even the threat of a bit of snow, it goes crazy! People panic about a simple journey to work, people become crazed maniacs in the Supermarkets fighting for bread and milk and people seem to be unable to talk about anything else!

According to weather forecasters there is a potential ‘blizzard’ to hit parts of the UK this evening and people have already started to become manic!

So in an effort to calm down the mania, if we do get the 30cms of snow that have been predicted overnight, here are my top five things to do to keep you calm and smiling on a snow day.

1. Play!

So many of us ‘grown ups’ forget the magic of playing, laughing and having fun. Whether you have children or not, wrap up warm and go out and play. Throw snowballs, build a snowman or if you are feeling really creative, how about building something more adventurous like this creation.

2. Hot Chocolate to Die For

When your fingers and toes begin to freeze, get indoors and make your self a totally delicious and totally decadent hot chocolate. Froth it up, add cream, sprinkles, marshmallows or even a chocolate flake and enjoy the warm goodness as it heats your body and soul.

3. Go Shopping!

You may not be able to leave your house, but when has that ever stopped you from doing a spot of shopping. After making your hot chocolate, sit down with your laptop and enjoy a bit of retail therapy. Buy some thermals, some gorgeous warm boots (see www.macco.co.uk) or maybe even book a getaway in the sun.

4. Make a Stew

A snow day is the perfect day for some delicious comfort food. Chop some veggies and some beef and put it in the slow cooker, by dinner time you will have a gorgeous hearty stew that will warm you right up.

5. Spoil Yourself!

An unexpected snow day calls for an unexpected pamper. Run a bath, add your favourite bath oils and sit back and relax. Take time to read a book or even paint your nails. It will all feel so much more special because it was unplanned.

Whatever you decide to do make sure you stay warm and safe! Who knows, with the British tradition of getting weather forecasts totally wrong, we could all be sunbathing tomorrow instead!