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Well a New Year can only mean one thing for us Shoe lovers, an opportunity to wear even more gorgeous and sassy shoes. I’ve been having a look at some of the top designers to see what trends are likely to be seen through 2013.

1. No More Platforms

Many designers opted for a more classical stiletto shaped shoe minus the platform we have all been sporting for so long. This style screams elegance to me and may be great news for us already tall ladies meaning that we no longer have to tower over everyone else quite so much.

No More Platforms 20132. Sky High

Some of the heels seen on the catwalk were so high they sent models tumbling. These are definitely not for the amateur heel wearer, these are for your hardcore experts!

If well practiced cat walk models went a tumbling in these shoes, I can assure you that anyone risking wearing some of the high street versions, will be taking their life into their own hands!



3. Embellishments

I cannot believe that studs are still everywhere, whilst I adored and embraced this trend, it has now been around for so long I am really quite bored by it. However, never fear, its not just studs that are being attached to shoes, its buckles, straps, metallic cuffs, bows, baubles … you name it you will find it!

Embellishments 2013


4. Embrace Your Curves

There are so many interestingly shaped shoes out there this season, whether an interesting heel or a curvy adornment, its all about the shape.

Embrace Your CurvesWhatever your style, I am sure that you will be able to find something fabulous among these trends. Overall, I love that the feeling is that of feminine elegance. Which ones are your favourites?