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Gift For MenAs December arrives this weekend, I am feeling quite smug at the amount of Christmas presents I can already tick off my list but scanning down that list I now see that everyone remaining is male.

I don’t want to buy boring presents which show little imagination. So, I have taken the best the web has to offer to find gifts for every kind of man in your life.

Remember to order soon though as Christmas deliveries can take a while and you don’t want them turning up after the big day.

Mr Practical

For the practical man in your life, you need to think of gifts which have real functionality. Gimmicky gadgets just won’t float this mans boat, he wants something that he will be able to use all year round.

How about these ideas?

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Mondaine Giant Size Mens Watch from The Conran Shop £159




Lakeside Black



Storm ‘Lakeside’ Mens Wallet and Watch Box gift Set from Macoo £22.50

Mr Technology

This man loves gadgets and technology, his mobile phone and remote control will be virtually glued to his hand at all times. Mr Technology loves to be up to date with all the latest gizmos and he will never read the instructions!

Griffin iPhone 4 Survivor Case Black


The Griffin iPhone Survivor Case from Menkind at £29.99





The Pico Genie Led Projector which connects to a smartphone from Personal Projector for £249



Mr Outdoors

Whether his job keeps him outdoors or if he just can’t sit still on the weekend, Mr Outdoors will love a gift which gives him even more of a reason to be at one with nature.


Rockport Umbwe Boots from Macoo for £149.99




Battery Heated Socks from Amazon for £19.99






Mr Entrepreneur 

A man with fingers in many pies, Mr Entrepreneur spends much of his time at his laptop or meeting important contacts. He likes to look the part as well as act it!


Storm ‘Sanctuary’ Mens Laptop Bag from Macoo £43.99



PCL529 Tonal Navy and sky blue


Enamel Cufflinks by Ian Flaherty £60.00


There are so many other cool gifts and websites, I am now totally inspired! Take time to have a look around the stores and think outside the box, I am sure the man in your life will thank you for a creative gift they love instead of a Lynx gift set!