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It seemed, that as soon as we reached November we hit Christmas. All of a sudden there are Christmas adverts on the TV, shops are crammed full of crackers, tinsel and tins of chocolates and people already seem to be frantically racing around the shops.

What is wrong with everyone? Are we all mad? Now don’t get me wrong, I am no Scrooge and I love Christmas, and all the excitement of it, so much (I have already watched Elf this year) but it seems that as soon as the countdown to Christmas is in double figures, some people out there go crazy? It’s like a contagious Christmas psychosis that sends everyone irrationally on a quest to buy lots of things they don’t really need nor do their family members really want as a gift.

Now I am not going to list 50 ways to have a more simple Christmas, nor am I going to encourage you to find old Blue Peter episodes and make all of your Christmas presents – although who can forget the spectacular Tracy Island?

But what I would like to do is remind everyone that Christmas really should not be stressful for months beforehand. Work out what you can afford, work out who you have to buy for and buy gifts that mean something.

Whilst I will certainly be spending money on material things this Christmas, the part that really excites me is being with all of the people I love, seeing the faces of the Children when they think they may have heard jingle bells and sharing memories.

Think about it and don’t feel pressured to achieve the impossibly perfect Christmas, most of all immunise yourself against catching the terrible Christmas psychosis lurgy!