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Last weekend saw the clocks go back and you may have already noticed that the nights are drawing in. Many of us will now be getting up in the dark and coming home from work in the dark and we have several more months of it.

Whether you suffer from SAD syndrome or not, most of us to get affected by the lack of sunshine in our lives but never fear, there are ways you can inject that sunshine back into your life even if only in small doses.

Winter Escape

The obvious answer, if you are able, is to book a winter holiday in the sun. Even if only for a week, will have a huge impact on your positivity. Getting a Vitamin D boost for a few days should be enough to make you feel more vibrant and happy for a while. One word of caution, some of us become even more depressed on returning from holiday, so whilst the build up may keep you going, when you return you may find you’re missing the sun more than ever!

Light Box

A Light Box could have a drastic impact upon your ability to cope with the dark days. Sitting in front of the box for just a few minutes can dramatically decrease the production of Melatonin, making us feel more positive and energetic.

This one is from Play.com and is £44.99.

They are well worth a try if you feel really zapped during Winter.


Oh I can hear you groaning! I know when it is cold, raining and dark the last thing you may want to do is get the energy to exercise but the fact is, if you do find that energy to get started, you will end up feeling far more energetic.

There are lots of ways you can exercise without having to pound the treadmill at the gym. Take the kids for a walk in their wellies and splash in puddles, go for a romantic Sunday stroll with your loved one or get on your bike and use some peddle power.

Make an Effort

It’s all too easy during the Winter to come home, throw on your joggers and a hoodie and eat comfort food. Now I don’t see anything wrong with that now and again, but now and again you need to make an effort. The great thing about Winter is that you can wrap up in some gorgeous clothes, thick woolly tights, cute hats, chunky knitwear and knee high boots all look fabulous and keep you warm too. (Boots by Irregular Choice at Macoo £49.99)

If you can make yourself feel a bit better on the outside, you will certainly begin to feel better on the inside too.

These are just a few ideas, how do you cope with the Winter months? Do you have other strategies?