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This week Macoo had a delivery of some gorgeous United Nude shoes, they have them in black which are fab, but the ones I immediately fell in love with and ordered were the multi stripe. They happened to be delivered on a day where I was feeling unwell and after dragging myself to the front door to the postman, I opened up a parcel to find these beauties!

I can tell you that I immediately felt much healthier!




A few years ago, I would not have braved these shoes and would have certainly ordered the plain black ones. Whilst the black ones are gorgeous, I made a pact with myself to be a lot more daring with colour and these shoes certainly reflect that.

In fact, since ditching a lot of the black and wearing brighter colours I have noticed some incredible changes in myself and others.

Change 1

I smile more when wearing something bright, it took me a while to realise this but i noticed every time I looked down or caught my reflection, the bright colours made me smile.

Change 2

Second of all, my complexion looks a tonne healthier, people always used to tell me I had really pale skin and I have learned that I am actually not that pale but wearing all black completely washes me out.

Wearing a bright blue or yellow lifts my complexion so much and makes me look much healthier.

Change 3

People smile back at me! Yep! This is definitely true, wearing a bright colour makes people more inclined to smile back at you. Now I am not on about dressing like Coco the Clown and people may be smiling back in amusement, I just mean that wearing something bright will lift other peoples moods as well as your own.

Change 4

People tell me I look younger. Wow, I hear you say! Wearing a brighter colour definitely adds youth to your outfit which makes you look and feel younger, what a brilliant anti aging technique!

When I made the pact to myself to wear more colour, I also decided that for every colourful item I would buy, I would throw away one black one. My wardrobe which used to be half black with a smattering of dark colours now looks more like this.

I still want to add to my colour collection but I feel this is a good start! So how about you? Are you a slave to wearing black? Are you scared of adding colour to your wardrobe? do you still believe that black makes you appear slimmer? I would love to hear your views!