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We all have times where we have either piled on a few pounds, or at least feel as if we have, and could do with a bit of a boost. Of course, healthy eating and regular exercise will help to keep you in good shape, but sometimes we just need a quick fix or an ego boost. Here are my top 5 ways to feel like you’ve lost weight without eating cabbage for a week.

1. Wear block colour

Block colours have a lengthening effect and therefore will create the illusion of you being slimmer. Don’t be tricked and think that all black is the way forward, a deep colour will be far more effective and will stop you from looking like Morticia from the Addams family too.

If you want an even greater effect, wear an illusion dress, they are everywhere and if you find the right one, you will lose a dress size instantly.

2. Become a fashion Architect

Wear items of clothing with great structure, look at the classic Herve Leger Bandage dress, this dress is so cleverly cut and structured, that women have clambered over each other to get one of these dresses, because they know this dress will give the illusion of being a dress size smaller.

You can also make use of the peplum feature that is still all over the high street, a peplum frill will balance your hips, cinch in your waist and hide wobbly tums.

There are loads of fantastically structured pieces out there so choose items that will cover your flaws and accentuate your assets.

3. Grow a few inches

OK so you may well be past the age of growing any more, but a pair of high heels will certainly make you look slimmer.

Create an illusion of height with some great shoes and you will not only appear slimmer and have more toned legs, but you will also notice an added confidence the shoes will give you.

Don’t make the mistake of wearing shoes that are so high, you cant comfortably walk in them though!

4. Stand Up Straight

Growing up, I was always told by mother to stand up straight and keep my shoulders back, whilst my posture is not perfect, I am glad I have never stooped like so many tall females do.

No matter what your height, stand up straight, bum tucked in, shoulders back and you will look and feel slimmer. Notice you your ribcage lifts to push back your shoulders which instantly creates a greater gap between your boobs and your stomach to accentuate your waist.

5. Smile

Yes, simple as that, SMILE! Happier people are instantly more attractive to others, so even if you don’t lose a few pounds, you will still look great!

Have you got any quick tips for looking and feeling slimmer? We would love to hear them!