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State Your Shoe

I love shoe statements.  I love looking at them and I love buying them.  But I can appreciate that shoe statements can be very daunting.  Many people think that you have to be arty or quirky to pull them off.  But you don’t, it’s all about confidence and making shoe statements that you are comfortable with.  Anybody can do shoe statements.   Statements don’t have to be big; they can be bright and bold, or small and classy. 

For some inspiration, a couple of the shoe statements on trend at the moment include bright colours and prints.  You can have accessories on your footwear such as studs, spikes and cap toes.  The structures of shoes are also changing with jagged heels, wedged trainers and heel-less platforms.

But to help point you in the right direction, here are some do’s and don’ts with shoe statements.

(1)    Try not to mix a statement outfit with statement shoes.  Do one or the other.  Compliment statement shoes with a cool or subtle outfit, so it’s not lost in another statement.

(2)    If your heels are high, or you know they are going to get uncomfortable the longer you stay in them, there’s nothing wrong with having spare comfy flats in your bag. There’s nothing worse than statement shoes being badly worn.

(3)    Statements don’t have to be big. You can do black heels with coloured or metal toe caps.

(4)    Not all shoe statements are designed to be worn. Many are just designed as a concept or for experimentation.

(5)    Shoe statements are made to draw attention, so be ready for that attention and be courteous to those who compliment you in them.

(6)    If you fall over in statement shoes.  Take it lightly and laugh about it. Only you can make it awkward.