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This Saturday is the first of September and thoughts will move to back to school, back to work routines, Halloween and even Christmas!

Personally, I have always loved September, it seems to bring the same opportunity for hope and new beginnings that January can offer and yet there is a feeling of excitement and anticipation that January certainly doesn’t offer.

However, for those of you who struggle with the change in season and the prospect of heading towards the Winter of another year, here are a few of my survival tips.

Back to School

Many of you will have children heading back to school which can bring the stress of finding school uniforms, but some of you will also be feeling anxious as your ‘baby’ heads to primary or secondary school for the first time. My ‘baby’ is heading to secondary school next week and the thought of it makes my stomach flip. So how do we make this easier on ourselves whilst all the while, making it easier on your children too? Preparation!

Make sure you have all of the uniform ready and tried on, there’s still time to order items online to take the stress out of traipsing around the shops. Macoo have some fabulous girls school shoes in their eBay store which may make life easier for you.

Getting yourself and your child prepared and ready well in advance will take the stress out of that first morning as well as build some excitement for your child to wear their new uniform.

Back to Work

Some of you may have done reduced hours over the Summer, or maybe even had the whole Summer off and are now facing the return to work. Take a leaf out of your child’s book and ensure that you have everything prepared and organised. Then make a list of what you want to achieve in your job over the coming months, set some goals for yourself. Do you want to be promoted, get a new job or maybe just want to have a tidier desk

Why not treat yourself to a new work outfit, or if money is a bit tight, maybe even just a new work item? Like a bag, shoes or even a new pen, I love these Swaorvski pens.

Do whatever it takes to give yourself a fresh new perspective about being back at work.

The Nights Drawing In

During September we will all see a decrease in the number of daylight hours and many of us find this difficult. I must be honest, I do feel as if I am solar powered at times and dark mornings make me really struggle some days, but I do love the dark evenings. They give me a great opportunity to close the curtains, light loads of candles and cuddle up on the sofa watching a film.

Last year, my parents bought me a slanket as a joke gift but guess what? I love it! Yes, it is a pretty slobby item (especially as it has a pocket for the remote control!!) but on a cold dark evening, there is nothing better than putting on my PJ’s and cuddling up in my slanket!

So if you’re struggling to accept the darker evenings, why not use it as an opportunity to have one evening a week where you close yourself off from the world, snuggle up and watch a classic film.


I really dislike New Years Resolutions and find that putting that pressure on ourselves at the start of the year is unrealistic and hence why they often fail. However, with the feeling of a new start in September, I find that my most successful resolutions have been made at this time of year.

This September, I am resolving to begin drawing. I love doodling but I want to become better at drawing, my dream is to design shoes and I have hundreds of ideas in my head so I will make a decision to get them onto paper.

What would you resolve to do?


September and the change in season is going to happen whether we like it or not, so I am determined to see the positives in the change. What about you? Do you have any ‘survival’ suggestions? Do you love or hate the change in season?