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Lately I’ve been thinking about colour analysis and if it still has a place in fashion. Personal stylists often offer colour analysis as a service – it’s function is to determine which colours suit you based on skin tone and hair colour. Rarely do people stand back, look in the mirror and think “does this colour actually suit me?”. Shopping in H&M recently I came across a group of teenagers maybe 16 or 17 years old who were up to date with their fashion trends but didn’t seem to care about the colour washing them out or the style being wrong for their bodyshape. As long as the garment was “on-trend” then that was alright by them.

I myself am guilty for wearing colours which according to my “season” I shouldn’t wear. I have what I call ginger skin i.e. extremely pale and freckly but I don’t have ginger hair. I’m classed as having “Spring” colouring: Here’s part of the description to describe Spring

 Your spring client will have a warm skin
tone, which is normally extremely light and ivory in complexion. They are usually natural golden blondes,
auburn, or strawberry blonde redheads and often have freckles and rosy checks. Springs also have very clear,
light blue or green coloured eyes.
Skin glows, this client has a peaches and cream look, and high colour from red in skin which fl ushes and
blushes easily.

Beneath my fake tan I am pale, freckly and I burn as soon as the sun rises unfortunately. Colour wise I should be wearing coral, pinky peach, aqua, turquoise and orange-red and I’ve to avoid stark white and the blackest of black. Erm……. about 50% of my wardrobe consists of black clothing.

Typical Springs include: Lindsay Lohan, Cate Blanchett and Renee Zellweger

For those classed as “Summer” you will generally have a blue undertone to your skin yet you tan well in the sun and you tend to have ashy tones in your hair. Colour wise “Summers” should wear pink, light blue, light grey and neutrals. Oh and orange should be avoided completely!

Typical Summers include: Reese Witherspoon, Charlise Theron and Gwyenth Paltrow

The summer palette is the most delicate of the four colour seasons. Whilst your imagination may conjure up the bright, vibrant colours seen in the spring palette, summer tones are far more gentle and feminine.

“Autumns” colouring consists of golden undertones and benefit the most from blusher as they tend to have colourless cheeks! Brunette hair with golden highlights and brown eyes are typical of “Autumns”. Wearing pastels and stark black/white will wash this person out.

Typical Autumns include: Cindy Crawford, Terri Hatcher and Hilary Swank

Autumns are all about glowing warmth and muted beauty. An autumn can wear colours that make you think of something exotic, spicy and mysterious to great effect.

More people are classed as “Winter” than any other season and tend to have a sallow appearance to their skin with dark hair and again benefit from blusher. They tend to grey prematurely but attractively!

Typical Winters include: Catherine Zeta Jones, Selma Blair and Anne Hathaway

think true, blue, and vivid; sharp, clear, and icy.
No one can wear pure white as well as a winter. Winters also look fabulous
in jet black, making theirs the easiest colour palette to dress and accessorise.

One way to inject your favourite colours into your ensemble is with accessories. Jazzing up a plain outfit with  coloured or patterned shoes and/or bag can turn an outfit from drab to fab instantly.

Do you abide by colour analysis rules? Should we wear our favourite colours regardless of skin tone?