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If, like me, you have spent the last month hearing ‘I’m bored’ and ‘Mum, can you …’ then you will be well aware that in a few weeks our little darlings will be back to school.

This year is huge for my daughter (and me!) as she starts Comprehensive school for the first time, now without getting too emotional and sentimental, I can’t quite believe that my little baby is growing up so fast.

Apart from the obvious emotional sentiment attached to my ‘baby’ going to ‘big school’, I have also become suddenly aware that it is apparently no longer cool to buy her a pair of school shoes from the place I have always taken her. Apparently at 11 and a half, you no longer want your foot measured in a ‘cool’ machine, nor do you want flashing lights on your shoes – go figure!

So I have spent lots of time looking around for some durable, yet stylish school shoes for her and I got to thinking that I cannot be the only mum in this predicament? So, very kindly, I have pulled together some of the best girls school shoes I have found across the web.

These Sketchers are durable and functional. My daughter has fairly narrow feet and often struggles with ballerina pumps so the fact that these have a strap will make them longer lasting.

They are £45 from Schuh with free delivery which may seem a bit too expensive for school shoes.


At the other end of the spectrum though, I have found these shoes in New Look which are reduced to £5.00. Ok, they may not be as long lasting as the Sketchers, but at £5.00 you won’t mind if you need to replace them after the Winter term.

Your daughter should also be happy as they are very much on trend.

Macoo have several pairs of shoes which are suitable, but I really love these from Blowfish which are much prettier than your standard black flats.

The bow detail and eyelet gives the shoe an individual look without being too obviously girlie, which some teenagers may not like.

They are also a great price at £31.49.


Another fab style is the classic loafer. This range from Office is both functional and stylish. They come in a variety of colours so if your child doesn’t have to wear the traditional black leather shoe, there is some scope to be individual whilst having a traditional shoe.

They are £58.00 online with Office.

Finally, if your daughter is as tough on her shoes as mine is, I have been toying with the option of getting her a pair of the most durable and functional shoes I can think of. These Dr Marten boots will still look immaculate long after she has grown out of them.

So, they may not be the prettiest shoes on the planet, but they are definitely going to be able to put up with all the bashing about she will give them. These ones are £100 from the Dr Marten website, but children’s ones start from £50.00.

Now the only problem I will have will be convincing my daughter to wear them!