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Any regular readers will know that I really love my heels but of late, I have started to appreciate the beauty of a flatttie. Whilst a flattie is great if I am shopping or spending the day walking to and from meetings, I never ever feel ‘dressed up’ if I am wearing flat shoes, whereas heels can instantly make me feel glam and sexy even if I am only wearing them with jeans.

I’ve been looking online at the best flats around to see how they compare with the heeled version and would love to know your thoughts. Here we have 3 classic trends:


Well spikes have been everywhere for the past 2 years thanks to Christian Louboutin and although they were represented a lot less on the catwalks for Autumn / Winter 2012, there’s no doubt they will still be everywhere on the high street for a bit longer. Here are a gorgeous pair of flatties from Kandee Shoes and a beautiful pair of heels from Alba.


Neon colours have been huge and add a fantastic pop to any outfit. Here are two of the brightest pairs we could find. Flat pumps by City Classified and heels by Zara.

Animal Prints

I don’t think animal prints will ever go out of style, there maybe a preference for certain prints but essentially if you were animal print right it can look amazing. Beware though, wear it wrong and you will look like Bet Lynch! Here are some cute little pumps from Macoo and some heels from Kurt Geiger.

So what do you think? Do you think the flats compare equally to the heels? Can you be converted from heels to flats or vice versa?