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Has Olympic fever caught you yet? I have to be honest I am one of the least sporty people on the planet (why would I take park in any activity that involves flat shoes?!) and I was really dreading the Olympics being all over our tv screens for 3 weeks but I am starting to get caught up in it.

Having watched the incredible opening ceremony, I was reminded of why Britain truly is Great, incredible history, fantastic culture and amazing musical heroes to name but a few reasons.

So with this in mind, I thought I would take the opportunity to celebrate the iconic British Style with some gorgeous key pieces.

Macoo have this gorgeous Patty Clutch Bag by Irregular Choice, on sale for only £24.99 at the moment. It is such a stylish way to nod your head to your patriotic feelings without feeling like it is too obvious. Match it with a shift dress or jeans, either way you will look amazing!

And how about these fabulous Gina Dorothy shoes? They are a more considered purchase at £650 but they are so stunningly gorgeous!

I am sure Team GB would achieve so much more if I owned these shoes!

How about something a little more obvious? Jessie J famously sported lip tattoos in her video Price Tag, and ever since you see them everywhere. I must be honest, I have never braved wearing them but if you have a gorgeous pout  why not try these from Amazon?

Or if you’re loving the transfers, how about these gorgeous nail foils? A stunning effect that, lets be honest, we could never recreate ourselves! We’ve all seen people who have attempted their own nail art and end up with wobbly splodges! These are from Feel Unique for £7.99.

I love this really cute and quirky necklace from Cath Kidson, this is perfect accessory to show your support for the Olympics!

A really fantastic piece for 2012 as the crown also celebrates the Jubilee! At only £38.00 I believe this will be a piece you will keep for years!

There are fantastic Union Jack inspired pieces everywhere at the moment, so however you decide to cheer on Team GB this month, make sure you are doing it in style!