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As you have probably guessed, I am shoe obsessed. I own over 100 pairs (all neatly laid out on special shelves) and I can spend hours trawling the internet engaging in a bit of shoe lust; but I am convinced that asides from being beautiful shoes can actually be good for your mood!

Not convinced? Hang in there with me and I will prove it to you!

Size Doesn’t Matter!

Your feet never seem to have a ‘fat day’ so shoe shopping is never depressing. How awful is it to spend a day getting dressed and undressed only to find that all the shops have shrunk their clothes! This doesn’t happen with shoes, even if you have put on a few pounds your shoes won’t judge you. Plus, if you throw on some heels they will even make you appear slimmer – result!

I am Wonder Woman

Well, I don’t wear my pants on the outside and spin around really fast, but putting on some killer heels or red patent shoes makes me feel so confident that I feel I am Wonder Woman. Good shoes will give you such a confident boost even if the rest of your outfit is pretty dull in comparison.

New Look

Adding different shoes to an outfit you have worn lots of times can actually change the entire look of the outfit.

Take a simple black dress for example, you’ve probably worn it a hundred times with roughly the same accessories, now instead of doing what you usually do, opt for something a bit more daring try these red Iron Fist shoes from MACOO and add some edgy jewellery. Instantly you have a completely new look! Alternatively, you could dress it down with a pair of cute pumps and a cardigan.

Owning a Piece of Art

So many shoes are an exquisite piece of art, be daring and seek out shoes which are beautifully cut, outrageously designed or daringly bright. Owning a pair of shoes that have been lovingly designed will give you the opportunity to have a gorgeous piece of art on your feet.

These stunning Mai Lamore shoes are one of the finest examples of a work of art but at $28,000 they are no doubt a little out of most people’s price ranges. However, check out designers like Irregular Choice and Iron Fist for far more reasonable artistic shoes.

Hot to Trot

They make you feel sexy. Who can argue with that? Whether they are 5 inch stilettos, strappy sandals, bright red patents …. They will always make you feel sexy and apparently this isn’t just down to the style or colour; “When a woman wears them, she assumes a primal mating pose called lordosis,” says Helen Fisher PhD (Rutgers University). “Her butt lifts, and her back arches.” Scientific proof that shoes make you feel sexy!

Legs Like An Athlete

Any heels over 3 inches will give so much more shape to your legs. Your calves and ankles will look firmer and more shapely. Add a fake tan and it will look like you’ve hired your own personal trainer!

So, it is a fact, shoes have the power to drastically improve your mood!