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Whilst indulging in a bit of shoe love on the web, I came across some zany and extreme pairs of shoes that have been designed. Whilst I agree that it’s highly unlikely that you would wear any of these to the supermarket, they still have their place even if only as works of art.

Here are a few of my favourites …

The Heel-less Shoe

Antonio Berardi has brought out these heel-less shoes, really deceiving on the eye, but how comfortable do you think they would be to walk in? I guess at the very best you would always have the feeling that you were walking on tip toes!

Take a look on the High Street though, you will see this trend is already making it through to the mainstream.

Fierce Heels

Now if Heel-less seems a bit too scary for you, how about these Alexander McQueen shoes! The softness of the pony skin does little to conceal the fact that those heels look like they could decapitate a man. Be careful when you cross your legs!

Cascading Shoes

For something a little more gentle and feminine look at these Victoria Spruce shoes. They’re absolutely stunning and whilst I doubt they are any more comfortable than either of the pairs above, the softness they portray does give the impression that the will be a little kinder to your feet.

PomPoms and Laces

These John Galliano shoes are a few years old now, but they are still relevant. I think they’re absolutely stunning, but a word of caution with any laces that go up the leg … they can make the slimmest and most toned calves look meaty!


Ok so it is highly unlikely that you would get away with wearing these to Tesco – or even Waitrose – but the more I look at these shoes, the more stunning they become!

Yes that are a bit (lot!) fetish and yes they look like they would be able to kill you and several passers by if you slipped in them, but to me they are a pure work of art.

The heels are just incredible!

So whilst you are looking at some of these rather impractical shoes, take some time to look at the beauty within them and appreciate what works of art they really are. And I guarantee, that a much watered down version of these styles will be seen on the high street over the next few months too!