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As a lover of all things pretty and shiny, I find it really difficult to ever dispose of anything that has once brought me joy. I therefore have jewellery, shoes and clothes which are probably 20 years old!

My love of hoarding the pretty things in my life means that I have 4 wardrobes full of clothes, over 100 pairs of shoes, boxes and boxes of jewellery and even a suitcase dedicated just to scarves!

Every now and then I decide to be ‘ruthless’ and go into my dressing room with the intention of throwing at least 40% of it into bags for charity but what happens? I find a million things I had forgotten about and probably give half a black bag to charity at best!

As a lover of fashion, I do know that a well planned ‘capsule’ wardrobe can work and save you a tonne of time and stress too, but I just can not do it.

One of my greatest problems is that my clothing style changes depending upon my mood so today I may feel feisty rock chick and tomorrow I may feel more like an elegant business woman.

Last week, I pledged to put all the shoes I do not wear and am never likely to wear on ebay, guess how many out of my 110 pairs went on ebay??? 3!!! Just 3 pairs that I reluctantly put on there even though I know I cannot wear them if I ever hope to walk whilst in them!

If you want to know how much of a hoarder I truly am, here is a facebook status of mine from the other day:

So, I need your help! I want to clear out my wardrobe and shoe collection so that it is down to a sensible amount which will make it far easier for me to decide what to wear every day. Do you have any ideas? How can I be ruthless?

Oh and one last thing … I am keeping my lucky pants!