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Something very exciting has been happening at MACOO head office, they are now offering an amazing range of Irregular Choice handbags. I have taken a sneaky peek in order to show you the best of these gorgeous bags!

A striking handbag has the same effect as a striking pair of shoes, it can turn even the plainest of outfits into something really special so never underestimate what yours says about you. If you carry the same bag around for work, rest and play, maybe it’s time you treated yourself!

So here are my pick of the bunch…

This gorgeous Clementine handbag is covered with felt applique butterflies.

Although it looks fairly conservative to begin with, those little butterflies add a real flair of personality.

The size of this bag means it is perfect for everyday use be that meeting other mums for a coffee and carrying wet wipes and baby toys, or if it is for back and fore to the office carrying your phone, keys and tablet.

With such a timeless feel, this bag will last you for years and years to come, but at only £49.99 it won’t break the bank.

By total contrast, the Irregular Choice Aunt Sally Basket is the perfect summer carefree bag. As soon as I saw this bag, I thought of summer strolls, ice cream cones and freshly cut grass, just seeing this bag genuinely made me feel happy!

I can so see this bag being swung as I wander along the seaside without a care in the world! It is also great value at only £32.99.

This Patty Clutch is the perfect accessory for the Jubilee this year! How better to show your patriotism than with an extremely stylish clutch bag? At £29.99 you can afford to only use it for the Jubilee, but lets be honest Britannia is always cool and you will be able to use this bag time and time again. It will look fab with a simple navy shift dress or pair of jeans as a statement piece, or go the full hog and wear them with your gorgeous matching Patty shoes!

We all know Irregular Choice for its quirky fashion and some people are nervous at being so bold with some of their designs, that’s why I love this Tape Measure bag. On first glance, it is a stylish pinstripe bag with a slightly unusual shape that is perfect for the office; however, its only on closer inspection that you realise how amazing this bag is and that in fact, the detailing is a tape measure!

It is seriously quirky and a fashion statement, without being screamingly obvious so you can wear it to the office or meeting with the bank manager!

The Flick Flack bag is my personal favourite out of MACOO’s latest collection. There are three different colours which actually look like three completely different bags! This red one is perfect for the Spring / Summer and looks so cute.

However, unlike many fashion focused bags, this bag doesn’t lose any of the functionality. It is big, I mean really big! You can keep your phone, make up, tablet … everything inside! And with two large front pockets you can also ensure that those items you need readily available can be.

I treated myself to the black and silver Flick Flack bag and receive comments on it every time I take it out – furthermore it’s big enough for my Jackahuahua, Dave, to hide in!!!

If this whets your appetite, to see the rest of the Irregular Choice bags at MACOO, then click here and be prepared to be tempted! Let me know which ones are your favourites … or if you’ve found anything weirder than a puppy in your handbag!!!