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Last weekend saw the world’s glitziest celebs put their best foot forward to celebrate the 54th Grammy awards. Although they were heavily overshadowed by the death of Whitney Houston, the stars still managed to shine. Here are a collection of some of the finest and worst outfits worn that night, obviously with a special focus upon the shoes that were on show!

One of the most beautifully turned out celebrities was the stunning Rihanna, wearing an extremely daring Armani dress that was perfectly accessorised with Christian Louboutin shoes.

These ‘Bis-Un-Bout’  shoes come in orange, vivid yellow and red suede, but Rihanna matched her statement dress with the classic and conservative black ones. In fact, these shoes are so beautiful, the lovely Alicia Keys also wore them to the Grammy’s!

Miranda Lambert added a touch of sparkle with her Stuart Weitzman ‘Striptease’ shoes.

From his Spring 2012 collection, these shoes are the perfect delicate accessory for Miranda’s beautiful and elegant gown.

Jennifer Hudson, who sang an emotional tribute to Whitney Huston, wore stunning embellished Guiseppe Zanotti shoes.

Katy Perry however opted for a slightly less classic look! Take a look at the outfit she wore to the pre gala show. Once you manage to take your eyes away from the blue rinse she is sporting, you then need to take a look at her shoes!

Yes they represent her love of music and Charlotte Olympia shoes are usually fantastic, but if I’m honest, these shoes remind me of those awful skinny piano ties that holiday camp entertainers wear!

However, these were not the greatest fashion crime against feet! This was unanimously awarded to….

Robyn.  I truly am speechless at the whole outfit, but as my eyes scanned down to her feet … I think I lost consciousness! People of a nervous disposition, should look away now!