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MACOO stock a wide range of fabulous Irregular Choice shoes, but if you have never worn shoes as brave as this, you may be a little unsure how to rock this quirky brand.

I took a look at many of the Irregular Choice celebrity fans and how they wear theirs and found that you can be as wacky or as conventional as you like, these shoes will always be a statement piece but its entirely up to you whether they give a knowing nod to your uber coolness, or whether you choose to scream it out loud!

One of the biggest celebrity fans has to be Whoopi Goldberg. Here she is on Oprah wearing one of MACOO’s best sellers, Abigail’s Party.

These shoes can be worn as a huge statement accessory, but Whoopi proves that with a dark trouser suit they can also be really conventional.

This is a fab illustration of how we can all wear our conventional work ‘uniforms’ but still be able to express our personalities and add our own individual style to that look.

Here are a few other celebs in various Irregular Choice styles over the past 12 months.

Katy Perry goes very glamorous mixing really bright colours with a pair of her favourites.

The pencil skirt and cardigan tone down the quirkiness of the shoes whilst the bright colours add to the overall youthfulness of the outfit.

The ever stylish Sienna Miller makes Irregular Choice’s Gold Spatz boots extremely understated here with a pair of skinny jeans and the obligatory over sized handbag!

Stunning E4 presenter Jameela Jamil wears a pair of Patti shoes with total style. This look could easily be made a little more corporate with a more formal shift dress which would even be acceptable in the office.

So these celebrities show you just how to rock a pair of Irregular Choice shoes with style, class and elegance. For me, the key to wearing any pair of statement shoes is to let them be just that, the statement to the whole outfit. As with most fashion statements, less is more! Unless of course you are going for the Nicki Minaj look!

So, how do you wear yours? We would love to hear about your favourite IR shoes and what you wear them with?