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So where do you sit on the whole Valentine’s day thing? Are you the kind of person that covers the house in red balloons, buys a card the size of a peugeot 106 and has a monster strop if anything less than a dozen roses and 6 cards are delivered on the 14th? Or are you the Valentine’s day equivalent to Scrooge?

Any singletons out there are probably well aware that in a few days time, seemingly the whole world will be celebrating the over commercialised, saccharine sweet day that is Valentine’s Day.

Although I am not single, I am not much of a Valentine’s day lover. To me it seems over contrived, forced and nothing but an opportunity to sell cheap poorly stuffed teddy bears and boxes of chocolates. To me, if you love someone then you have your own ways to show it 365 days of the year, so deciding we should all be loved up on February 14th seems ridiculous.

However, there is one thing I love about Valentine’s day … Being able to buy everything in RED! So, whether you are loved up and want to drop a few hints to your other half to buy you something special, or if you are a happy singleton who wants to treat themselves to something racy just for the pure hell of it, I have scoured the best of the web to find you some Valentine’s appropriate purchases!


Of course the best thing my other half can buy me at any time of the year is a pair of beautiful shoes. Here are my two favourite pairs!

These stunning Kurious Oranj Irregular Choice shoes from MACOO are just melt your heart adorable and at £54.99 are a fantastic price.

Beautiful colour, practical chunky heel and the cutest little charms. If your heart is frozen for Valentine’s, I guarantee these beautiful shoes will melt it.

I’d wear them with everything but I know they would be extra adorable in February with some skinny jeans and a chunky knit jumper.

If you can extend your budget a wee *ahem* bit further than that, how about these amazing Christian Louboutin Cheyenne shoes that are in my Spring 2012 ‘Shoe Lust’ collection.

The ultimate Valentine’s shoe, don’t you agree? As for what I’d wear them with? The answer is everything and nothing!


Now you’ve got at least one pair of sexy red shoes sorted, you’re going to need a fabulous red handbag too. This is without doubt my favourite right now, this Mulberry Bayswater red tote is also from MACOO and is drop dead gorgeous.


Whilst I did find myself browsing the Cartier collection, for most of us a touch of Swarovski is a little more realistic and actually when I saw this stunning pendant, I realised that there was far more chance of one of us wearing this on a regular basis than wearing a £15,000 Cartier choker!

At only £133.00 this Roxanne Pendant from Swarovski won’t break your heart or your bank balance.


Of course, shoes, handbags and jewellery are all fabulous and none of us would turn our noses up at being given one of them as a gift, but Valentine’s day would not be complete without a heart shaped box of chocolates. You know the ones, the massive red satin heart shaped box that you see in cheesy American romcoms. Well I have found the perfect one and at only £115.00 from Godiva … what a *cough* bargain!

Anyone who has had Godiva chocolates will know that they put your regular chocolate brand in the shade, so I’m sure that this would be a delicious gift!

Hopefully, all of this beautiful red decadence has made each of you realise that even if we only share the love with ourselves, there is a lot of joy to be had during Valentine’s day!

What will you be treating yourself or your other half to? Do you feel as cynical about Valentine’s day or do you think its one of the loveliest days of the year?