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Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life!


I am sure that most of us who love shoes have heard this quote before and many of us no doubt subscribe to it. But I believe I can categorically prove why a new pair of shoes will do you far more good, than you could have ever imagined.

1.      They make you look slimmer!

Even a shoe with a tiny kitten heel will help you to walk taller, stand straighter and focus more on your posture. These one inch Irregular Choice Wanda shoes are perfect for those of us who are less confident walking in a stilleto. A heel this size alone will help you to look slimmer, however if you add a heel of 3 inches or more, you will also be flashing much shapelier legs. Plus you’ll be toning those legs whilst walking around in them. How many of us wouldn’t want to look slimmer and more toned?

2.      They make you feel more confident and sexy!

Adding an extra few inches to your height will instantly help you to feel more confident. If you are already a tall lady, it will really make you head and shoulders above the rest, however if you are petite those extra inches will stop people from talking down to you.

And who hasn’t thrown on a pair of stilettos and not felt sexy? It is almost an impossibility, even if you struggle to walk in them, you will still feel sexy sat down! These Poetic Licence Feel the Rhythm shoes are just the kind that you could throw on with a pair of jeans and still feel drop dead gorgeous!

3.      They allow the real YOU to shine through

If any of you are confined to a corporate dress code, you may well feel bored and frustrated with the standard shift dress or trouser suit. However, by choosing shoes which reflect our personalities, we can conform to the corporate norm whilst still being able to feel authentic by allowing our personality to shine through.

I (not surprisingly) am always looking at what footwear people have on and I believe you can not only tell a lot about a person by their choice of shoes, but you can also tell a lot about how that person is feeling on that particular day.

Take the Blue and Pink Poetic Licence shoes above for example. A grey boring trouser suit would really be transformed with them underneath it.

So, back to the case in point. You may be thinking ‘Yes these are valid points but how does this change my life’.

OK, picture this you have lined up that dream job interview you have wanted for years, or have managed to get a date with the guy you have been lusting after for months. Both situations require you to dress to impress, however you probably wont want to be too outlandish in case you scare either party off. So, you opt for a little black dress, immaculate hair and nails and then you throw on your favourite pair of sky high heels (providing you can walk in them!). Immediately, you feel sexy, confident, self assured and what’s the end result? You dazzle the date or the interviewer and change your life!

So come on, think hard. How have a new pair of shoes changed your life?

And if that hasn’t happened to you yet, what shoes are you going to buy to have that life changing moment?