In the Navy

Navy Modern Jersey Dress from Karen Millen

Navy is a huge trend for this autumn / winter 2013 Miu Miu, Chloe and Celine all have fantastic Navy pieces which are certain to be mimicked in our High Street stores this season. Navy is a beautifully chic alternative to black and with certain carefully chosen accessories can make an outfit look far more expensive than it really is.

Choose a gorgeous burgundy shoe with a Navy skirt, teal boot with a shift dress or pops of purple accessories lovingly co-ordinated with a Navy dress.

Reim Purple Heels from Office

LK Bennett Franci boot £495.00

LK Bennett Francis boot £495.00

Crisp mornings, Autumn leaves and fabulous boots!


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Autumn is definitely here in the UK, there is a distinct nip in the air in the mornings as the Summer heat becomes a wonderful distant memory. However, Autumn isn’t all about catching a cold or being caught in downpours I absolutely love Autumn and one of the main reasons is I love Autumn fashion; opaque tights, scarves and beautiful boots.

In readiness for the Autumn, I’ve been keeping my eye out for some fabulous boots and I have not been disappointed. Continue reading

It’s all in the detail


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Accessories can really make or break an outfit, if you are never really sure how to do it there are some simple steps you can take to make sure you get it right.

The first thing to do is to take a look at when it goes wrong. I have chosen a really simple and classic black dress from Miss Selfridge to really demonstrate what works and what doesnt. Continue reading

Be Bold, Be Beautiful!


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I am yet again struck by some of the incredibly colourful shoes that are around, and I am also surprised at how few people are bold enough to wear colourful shoes and opt for the usually dreary black, navy and nude.

A striking pair of bold shoes will dress up jeans, a black dress or even your work attire. So be bold, be beautiful and see past the dreary!

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My Fashion Faux Pas


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Have you got some personal fashion hates? Is there an item of clothing that you would never be seen dead in? Or are you totally turned off if you see someone in something? I have a few personal fashion hates, things that I simply cannot abide.

Male Faux Pas!

If ever I see a man in the following, its a definite turn off for me, it is very easy for men to get it right so there is no excuse for the following items to be in yours or your husbands wardrobes. Continue reading

Why Do We Love Shoes?


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So many women seem to have the same intense feelings about shoes that I do. I don’t just like them, I LOVE them. I will never own enough pairs of shoes and will never get bored of looking at them. So why do shoes provide such strong emotions in us? Continue reading

These are ‘for Best’


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Since we were little girls I bet most of us used to love sneaking in to our mums wardrobes and trying on some of her ‘best’ shoes. I remember my mum having a midnight blue velvet pair of peep toe shoes and I used to stare at them in wonderment. I realised that these were hardly ever worn as they were so special and I thought it was such a shame. Continue reading

Sunshine on a Rainy Day.


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Here in the UK we are far from feeling the warmth of Summer on our skin. In fact, in some places in the UK today they have had snow, madness!

After a particularly wet and windy day yesterday, I decided to cheer myself up by searching for some of the brightest most Sunshine-y (not a word but you know what I mean!) shoes I could find!

Now, sit back with a Pina Colada, throw on your sunnies and bask in the beauty of these gorgeous Summer shoes.

Met Gala 2013


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Last night the World’s most beautiful people gathered for the 2013 Met Gala.

Despite the theme being ‘Punk’, it was an evening of high glamour and class with gorgeous gowns worn by the elite, but forget about the gowns, take a look at the shoes we saw!

Katy Perry at the Met Gala 2013

Continue reading

Fashion Films


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A few weeks ago, I had a gorgeous lazy day and indulged myself by watching some of my favourite fashion films. First off was the hilarious Confessions of a Shopaholic followed by the fabulous Devil Wears Prada.

These films are of course lovely little stories, but the main reason I love them is because I drool over the clothes and shoes.

It is also the reason I own the movie Sex and the City 2, I certainly did not buy that for the story line or *ahem* wonderful acting but what I love about it is how the film whisks me away dreaming of luxurious fabrics, sky high heels and perfectly coiffured hair, it is total escapism.

Here are my personal Top 5 films to watch when you want a bit of material envy:

1. Confessions of a Shopaholic

2. Devil Wears Prada

3. Sex and the City

4. Breakfast at Tiffany’s (You can’t compare to the wonderful class and elegance of Audrey Hepburn)

5. Zoolander – Ha! Purely for the amazing comedic finger being pointed at the fashion industry of course!

So, whilst I go off to practice my ‘Blue Steel’ what are your favourite fashion lush films? Can you recommend any to me?